[pct-l] Have South Africans done the PCT before?

Scott Williams baidarker at gmail.com
Sun Oct 2 20:48:40 CDT 2011

Hey Daniel,
If you know it's only one stream crossing for a long ways, then by all means
take your shoes off and keep them dry.  In the High Sierra and northern
Sierra, the stream crossings are so frequent that you would spend all day
changing shoes and socks.  At places they are just minutes apart, over and
over.  We started out keeping dry, but quickly went to just splashing on
through and continued doing that for about a 1,000 miles or more.  Even in
the snow my shoes dried quickly.  When you hike fast, the cool feet can
actually be pleasant.  No jungle rot through the snowy sections, but when we
got north of Tahoe and it was wet and warm, we all got foot fungus and had
to resort to anti fungal creams and powders which worked well.

I got no blisters, something that still blows my mind.  I used Montrail
Sabinas.  I love them as they have a very wide toe box, and saw them on
several of the thrus I met just a few weeks ago while hiking the several
hundred miles before Manning Park.  I didn't meet any South Africans on
trail last year, but there are probably some out there.


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