[pct-l] Long Distance Hikers and $

Jeffrey Olson jolson at olc.edu
Thu Oct 6 12:48:04 CDT 2011

For those in their 20s considering a "career track" keep in mind that 
some professions allow for breaks.  Nursing and social work are jobs 
that people move around within every two to four years.  It is fairly 
easy to take time off between jobs.  Right now both professions (nursing 
in particular) have more jobs than there are qualified people to take them.

If you like and are good at school, the more education you get the more 
freedom you will have in your middle years, providing you don't commit 
to a big mortgage or $30K car.  That's the downfall of many - 
materialistic goals that make a multi-month hike something to do "later..."

Jeff, just Jeff...

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