[pct-l] Moronic Hiking Disorder

Reinhold Metzger reinholdmetzger at cox.net
Sun Oct 9 09:27:18 CDT 2011

This is true for normal people.
Thru-Hikers, however, are not normal people....they are far from normal 
and are loosing  ''brain substance'' at a greatly accelerated pace.
Some guys on this list are fruitier than fruit cakes nuttier than the 
nuttiest corn nuts.....probably the result of to many nights at high 
elevation resulting in oxygen deprivation, which in turn causes brain 
cells to die, which in turn gives rise to a condition known in medical 
circles as  ''MORONIC  HIKING  DISORDER''  (MHD).
MHD  is very frequently associated with long distance hiking.....can be 
fatal if left untreated....seek medical help immediately.

Switchback is a perfect example of this dreaded disorder.
He thinks raiding and sacking innocent hikers is normal.....but we no 
better....it's MHD.

JMT Reinhold
Dr. of moronic disorders
Yoshi wrote:
No problems:
We are getting older day by day, and losing our brain substance day by day.
If we became completely idiot, the provability of wrong decision is 0.5, 
because there are only two cases ( North or South bound ).
If we hike 10 days and make a decision at lunch time, the provability of 
wrong decision is 0.5 in the first day, and the provability of wrong 
decision in the second day is 0.5 , ..... Then, the provability of wrong 
decision in 10 days is 0.5 X 0.5 X 0.5 ... = very smaller than 0.5 If we 
hike 100 days, the provability of wrong decision became negligible. 
Then, we can reach Canadian border or Mexican border without brain and 
arrow in the long run, if we remember how to walk and how to eat.

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