[pct-l] Generous hikers......

Andrea Dinsmore andrea at dinsmoreshikerhaven.com
Tue Oct 18 14:42:07 CDT 2011

Just note to thank the hikers who donated their unused resupply boxes of
food to the Dinsmore's hiker box. We have a few hikers who miss their
resupply boxes or didn't think they needed to send one here each year. This
year the NOBO hikers were all messed up with their logistics. We were able
to cover about 10 hikers with replacement meals for the section between here
and Stehekin. Also resupplied a couple more hikers from Steven's Pass to the
Canadian border. We couldn't have done this without your generous help.
Thanks again for every one's help where it is most needed.

Take care,

Andrea and Jerry Dinsmore

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