[pct-l] I failed my thru hike this year!!!!!!

Michael Lerner mdodger00 at yahoo.com
Tue Oct 18 18:28:29 CDT 2011

I am a 50 year old who attempted a thru hike this year. well my body broke down at Mikes place halfway thru section B, but what I learned in such a short time will definitely help me on next years attempt. 
The main reason for this Email is to thank those 5 unknown individual thru hikers that literally picked me up and helped me along the PCT on my final mile to Mikes place. This was my first attempt and will chalk it up to a great learning experience and what not to do in the future. Even though it sounds a little like David Letterman talking, these are my top ten reasons I failed my thru-hike.

10. I hiked the trail alone (couldn't find anyone else I knew to hike)

9. Tried to bite off to many miles per day. (based on my condition at the start)

8. Bought a great GPS but to bad i didn't really know how to use it properly.

7. Brought all these fancy freeze dried meals all packaged seperately and it just added to all the weight I was carrying. (carried 18 days worth of meals)

6. Did not have proper lightweight raingear.

5. Didn't use a lightweight backpack,tent,sleeping bag. (used an 80L large pack)

4.  Didn't use shoe inserts to cushion the walk

3. Tried to carry everything but the kitchen sink. (pack weighed in at 65 pounds, yes 65 pounds crazy huh?

2. Did not condition properly. (realized this hike takes months of prep and conditioning)

1. I missed a water source and didn't go back 1/2 mile. Instead I pushed forward 7 more miles to the next source. (BIG MISTAKE BECAME DEHYDRATED REAL FAST)

Once again to the five individuals that helped me, I thank you!!!!!!!!!!!

Also I am the Publisher of several magazines including Holistic Life Magazine and the recent issue has an Editorial on the PCT. I am going to Publish a follow up Editorial in an upcomming edition. This Magazine is distributed at 900 locations throughout Los Angeles county. you can find it at Ralphs, Vons, Whole Foods. CVS Pharmacies, Pavillions and many more locations. Or read the Magazine online at www.holisticlifemagazine.com 

Happy Trails And See You Next Year,

Michael (Wasn't on the trail long enough to get a trail name!)

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