[pct-l] 3 Proven Long Distance Hiking Methods

Reinhold Metzger reinholdmetzger at cox.net
Wed Oct 19 10:42:39 CDT 2011

Say Switchback,
I don't think you ever have to worry about looking  "LEAN"  like JMT 
You always seem to look so well fed and calorie fortified.
As a matter of fact, you probably have enough "pre-stocked calories" to 
make it all the way to Canada without carrying any food.
However, if you do not wish to lose those treasured "pre-stocked 
calories" you could still thru the PCT fully unsupported, without 
resupplies by utelizing one of my following three world famous hiking 

1.  GATHERING....picking nuts & berries...along the way.

2.  GRAZING.....there are lots of meadows along the trail....you might, 
however, have to carry a few nuts    to get you through the desert.

3.  CHICKENS ON A LEASH....this is my most famous method that is getting 
rave review world wide.
You simply tie a few chickens to a leash and happily walk down the trail 
with your food supply.
Fresh eggs in the morning, a chicken in the pot in the evening....lots 
of protein...just what a hiker needs after a hard day on the trail...and 
think how light your packs will be with food that walks.
Everybody knows that the secret to a happy hiker are a light pack and a 
full belly.
No wonder "chickens on a leash is getting such rave review.

Word of caution....you must make sure that there is at least one  
"Rooster"  in your flock to insure reproduction, so you don't run out of 
chickens before you get to Canada.

JMT Reinhold
World renowned long distance hiking strategist

Well fed Switchback wrote:
> The Kelty Kid writes: This is a transparent ploy by Switchback to set 
> a new record for a "fully supported" hike, assuming he can convince 
> Scott to go along and carry him the entire way. Switchback's pink 
> slippers may never touch the ground.
> --------------------------------------------------
> Switchback replies: This is an outrage.  My mountainman word and 
> pledge has been besmirched.  My scared pledge to set a new PCT record 
> in 2013 has been challenged.  Of course, there is some truth about 
> setting the "Most Supported" PCT thru-hike record.  But my 2013 hike 
> will NOT depend on any outside support what so ever.  None.  Zero.  
> Nada.  When I leave Campo that is all I will have when I arrive at 
> Canada.  I might be a little sun burned and may be even a little wind 
> burned due to the speed of my hike.  No problem.  A little suntan 
> cream on the face and it will protect me from looking like Unsupported 
> JMT Reinhold.  What if I got to Canada and I looked like a weather 
> worn skinny Marine.  Now that would be a bummer.  Especially after 
> setting an historic record.

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