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On my 2009 thru hike I started wearing Solomon Trail Runners and wore them 
until Cascade Locks.  I went to Portland REI and bought a pair of Garmont 
boots that were gore-tex lined.  My feet smiled the rest of the way to 
Manning.  They gave more protection and stability to my feet.  I had no 
problems wearing trail runners in the snow and let's face it you're going to 
be wet anyway.  Garmonts were a smidgeon over $200 but at that point worth 
it.  Like Doug said it's all preference but don't be afraid to be flexible 
and try something else if you feel it will help you get to your goal.

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I like Teva's Riva Mid eVent boot.  It is lite, soft leather and, with the 
Vibram sole, it wears well.  My size 9.5s weigh in at 23ozs for the pair and 
is only 2 oz more than the similar Riva eVent shoe (not a mid).  MSRP is 
around $150 but I've found them closer to $110 via the web.  Below are some 



---- Doug  wrote:
Good morning!

I would like to hear from thru or section hikers who opted for boots vs.
shoes for any portion of their hike, and would do so again, and why.

Thank you,

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