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Note that one is a "thru-hiker" while attempting  to do the entire trail in one season.  I was a thru-hiker until I got to Sonora Pass in 2010, then I became an unsuccessful thru-hiker.  When you complete the PCT in one season, you move from being a "thru-hiker" to having done a "thru-hike", in common usage.  

In 2011 and subsequent years, I'm "just" a section hiker. 


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to follow up, the AT community debates this often. The ATC has some 
criteria for the designation of a hiker as a 2000-miler, but not 
specifically for a thru-hiker. 
I agree with the AT’s definition. 

When I came on board with the list about 12 years ago, I think I always heard a thru hike as Mexico to Canada or the opposite direction; with days taken off (zeros or whatever you call them; “zero” was not a term used 12 years ago); somewhere between spring and fall; covering the entire trail (as it was laid out that specific year). 

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