[pct-l] Oregon Trail/PCT

Josie josie1066 at gmail.com
Thu Oct 27 13:41:10 CDT 2011

It also crosses the Applegate Trail, which is part of the Oregon immigrant
trail that got renamed, at Green Spring Mountain Rd near Little Hyatt
Reservoir in Southern Oregon-- I noted it in my 2008 Trail Journal:

"In the late afternoon we crossed Green Spring Mountain road; there were two
boys sitting, just hiking out from Hyatt lake Reservoir, still five or six
miles away and our destination for the night. What we didn’t know then, but
learned five days later when Kerry’s brother Stafford brought us back this
way, was that our very footsteps were crossing (south to North) the
Applegate Trail (East to West) where Kerry’s five time great grandmother,
Tabitha Brown; her son-in-law, Virgil Pringle and daughter Fernie had passed
on their way to their new home in 1846, one hundred and sixty years ago! A
blink of the eye in the passage of time and yet it was so many life times


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