[pct-l] "MY WAY"....a guide to thru the PCT the correct way

Reinhold Metzger reinholdmetzger at cox.net
Fri Oct 28 05:10:04 CDT 2011

You keep coming up with all those different fruit ball ways of doing the PCT.

The argument of the correct way to thru the PCT was settled once and for all
on April 16, 2009 with a unanimous consensus that "MY WAY...THE JMT REINHOLD
WAY" is the one and only absolute correct way to thru the PCT.
WHY?....because all the other ways are wrong...they are either to boring or
to stressful.
You will never make it to the Canadian border doing it your way.
The only border you will make it to is the Mexican Border.
You will be lucky to make it to Lake Morena unless you do it "MY WAY THE JMT

See my below 4-16-2009 post which describes in detail "MY WAY".

Switchback, I suggest you contact Strider, AsABat, Elevator, Meadow Ed, Donna
and Yogie to get your team together.

I think I will now sign off and retreat back into my customary lurker mode,
until further provoked by the likes of Switchback.

JMT Reinhold
Author..."My Way...The JMT Reinhold Way...the only absolute correct way".

On 4-16-2009 JMT Reinhold wrote:
You got it all wrong!!!
the "ONLY" way to thru the PCT in style...."ON A FLOAT"....carried by four big,
sturdy float carriers like Strider, AsABat, Elevator and Meadow Ed, and two fan
girls, one on each side of the float, preferable good looking hiker babes like
L-Rod&  Yogi, fanning me with palm fans to keep me cool and keep the flies and
mosquitoes away and trumpet blowers leading the way to alert the "hiker trash"
to step aside and bow as my float goes by.
Of course I will be consuming vast quantities of gourmet food, drinking the best
of wines and munching grapes as my float keeps moving on down the trail.
If Mags bows, as my float goes by, I may toss him some grapes.

I must get in contact with Strider, AsABat, Elevator and Meadow Ed immediately
to arrange for them to be my float carriers and L-Rod and Yogi to be my fan girls.
Yes, this will be so neat,....this is the only way to thru the PCT in style.
I am so exited about this I can barely wait for the KO.

I just "LOVE" roughing it in the wilderness!!!

JMT Reinhold
Your hard to the core trail companion
So, I a summed up the real philosophy of hiking:


The one, true, correct and absolute way to hike,
Why? Because all other ways are wrong. ;)

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