[pct-l] Pct-L Digest, Vol 45, Issue 1

Maroozer McLooper bucket_water at yahoo.com
Thu Sep 1 19:09:15 CDT 2011

Howdy, I don't participate in the list much at all but one day we'll do the PCT. In the mean time since we moved to Oregon we've done trail magic around this time of year (more or less) in southern washington

Thinking of doing some trail magic around road 23 (just north of Indian Heaven Wilderness) or potato hill road (Just north of Mt. Adams)

We were wondering about the assessment of where the bulk of hikers are. It seems like a ton of people are still (understandably) in Oregon right now and the bulge (if any) is not yet into WA yet.  Any feedback or help? This is just my assessment based upon reading postholer and some TJ today but hard to get a real sense from that alone.

respond here or my personal email is best (mattanuska AT gmail DOT com). Mostly want to get bang for our buck if we end up doing TM this weekend. could possibly do it next though that may hit more of them. Fortunately we've hit enough hikers in the past to have them clean us out from a few hundred bucks of food from walmart and the likes--we have a costco membership for the first time this year and are even more excited about getting goodies for the hikers. Anyways, we like to maximize our TM bang so looking for any advice on the pack!

Bucket and Water (matt and kara, AT `07)

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