[pct-l] Scott Williamson was part of a rescue on the PCT

Acu4harmony acu4harmony at aol.com
Sat Sep 3 00:10:24 CDT 2011



Scott left me a message today and said the night crossed the boarder from OR to CA he rounded a bend on the trail and came across Bill Roberts lying on the ground completely gray and in shock with his girlfriend holding him, he had been thrown from his horse.  Another PCT hiker was there who happened to be a doctor (Thank goodness).  Scott, Bill's girlfriend and the other hiker help get Bill to an area where Bill could be airlifted to the hospital.  Scott said he had broke his pelvis, a leg and some ribs.  Bill has taken care of that section of trail for years and Scott knows him very well.  Scott didn't get to bed till 12 midnight that night and was extremely shook up and from the sound in his voice is still shook up.  Scott made up the miles the next day and is still on schedule to break his record.  I do not know any more facts about where Bill is now but Scott said he was OK.  Scott asked me to inform the PCT community.  :-(  Please send your prayers to Bill, his recovery is going to be long and painful. 

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