[pct-l] Scott Williamson was part of a rescue on the PCT

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Sat Sep 3 09:43:30 CDT 2011

from Michelle:
> ...came across Bill Roberts lying on the ground completely gray and in shock...
> ...he had been thrown from his horse.  ...
> ...broke his pelvis, a leg and some ribs.  ...

My heartfelt best wishes to Bill Roberts, cowboy poet (and story teller) extraordinaire,
for a full recovery so he can be back out on the trail(s) next year, if not sooner (he's
'tough' and will make himself 'recover' more quickly than you could imagine!)...
Bill is a long time 'cowboy' and horse/mule packer - hauling tools and supplies hundreds 
of times for trail crews, many working the PCT, over the years...
I believe he was shown in at least one of Squatch's "Walk" series DVDs, and possibly 
seen in a PCT class DVD, also...
Not great photos, but here are two including Bill:
<http://outdoors.webshots.com/photo/1185854490043649445sjMfNA>, 2nd from right, standing
(summer 2003, with CCC/AmeriCorp Backcountry Trails crew);
<http://outdoors.webshots.com/photo/2815586510043649445WDaeEZ>, on the left (year unknown,
perhaps late '80s?).

Future thrus: If you ever get a chance to share a campfire with Bill, do NOT pass up the 
opportunity - it will be a most rewarding and memorable trail experience!

Thanks to Scott for helping out(!) - and continued good luck to him on his 2011 PCT quest!

Happy trails!!!
Jim (PITA)

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