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I used my therma-rest when I did the PCT in 2002 and I am still using the same pad. I opted for the chair kit and so far I haven't had any problems. I usually use a ground cloth under my pad but in some soft sand I usually can get away with out it. I suffered one leak and that was from an ember from a fire. I patched it using a repair patch for my platypus bladder and it still works fine, the patch is 6 years old. I have seen other people using different air mattresses with varying degrees of success. I think the important thing for longevity on the trail is care and attention to the use of the pad. Some form of repair kit is advisable as a flat pad can be darn uncomfortable. 

Hiking Irish. 

On Sep 3, 2011, at 10:40 AM, Hootie Martin wrote:

> Charles,
> Inflatable pads are a good option on the PCT with correct care.  In 2006 I
> used a Big Agnes inflatable and I still have the same pad and now it has
> nearly 3000 miles on it without a single hole or need for repair.  Let me
> preface my statement with these notes; First, I never used/use my pad for
> anything other than sleeping.  It doesn't come out out breaks as a seat
> cushion.  Second, I always use a Tyvek ground sheet under the pad and
> usually took a few minutes to prep the ground by sweeping the area of
> possible thorns, sharp rocks or sticks that might cause problems.  This has
> worked well for a number of years and the pad is still very functional.
> I will say that several folks I hiked with in 2006 used therma-rest pads and
> had a number of leaks, however, they typically used these for seat cushions
> during breaks and did not appear to take the same level of prep-care to
> minimize the possibility of placing the pad on top of sharp rocks, thorns or
> sticks.
> The Big Agnes pad is not ultra-light, but then again, I had no concerns
> about the additional weight as it provided me with exception sleep and
> frankly, I don't really care about counting grabs or ounces as the
> ultra-light guys/gals do as I typically had no issues in pulling 30+ mile
> days.
> Hootie
> Charles Doersch states:
> And I have an additional question to all who have used Therma-Rest
> successfully on the PCT. I had neck surgery that makes it pretty difficult
> for me to make hard-foam alternatives workable for me.
> 1. How did you manage or prevent the easy puncturability -- which
> apparently
> really comes into play in Southern Cal?
> 2. Was there an easy way to find the leak & patch on the trail (hopefully
> not involving immersing in water)?
> I know that Eric the Black apparently uses inflatable pads -- so it must
> somehow be do-able.
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