[pct-l] Hiking Barefoot?

Nathaniel Morse alwaysanguine at gmail.com
Sat Sep 3 11:36:57 CDT 2011

   Does anyone know anyone who has hiked a majority of, or thru-hiked the
PCT barefoot? I've heard of a couple people that started doing it, but I
never heard the outcome... And I'd really like to thru-hike it in 4-5 years,
barefoot, but I'm trying to get a general Idea of whether or not it's
possible. i.e. is there a ton of volcanic rock? how toughened do your feet
have to be? and other things. If someone knows of anyone that has hiked part
or all of it, barefoot, I'd really appreciate it. (But please keep the
"crazy" comments to yourself.) Thanks.

Barefoot. Become a Fan. :)

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