[pct-l] hiking barefoot

Justin West cjustinwest at gmail.com
Sun Sep 4 16:44:32 CDT 2011

 Unless you were born into and grew up in a society where you didn't wear
shoes I wouldn't recommend it.  Even asking the question 'how tough do your
feet have to be' leads me to believe that your feet are probably not tough
enough.  You will have to go slower, you will stub your toes on granite now
and again, and you will likely have to contend with snow walking (although
if you are willing to flip flop a lot of that can be avoided).  I cannot
imagine it being an enjoyable experience for anyone save those who have
never known 'shoe culture'.
I met a guy hiking in those toe vibram shoe things.  He was ditching them at
lake morena, mile 20, and his feet were hurting!
have fun

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