[pct-l] Good News & Bad News & Big Kickback Campout Event

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Tue Sep 6 09:24:21 CDT 2011

River Rat Reinhold writes: Switchback, While you are at Horseshoe Meadow you should check out  Muir Lake which is part of the Cottonwood Lakes and only about 4 miles from Horseshoe.  Muir Lake is on of those rare High Sierra lake ''Gems''  with a big sandy beach.  Benson Lake is another one of those rare gems and is known as "The Riviera of the High Sierra.  Word of caution.....I have seen hikers get altitude sickness just by driving from sea level to 10,000 foot high Horseshoe Meadow the same day.
Switchback replies: That is interesting information.  We will keep that in mind for the big KICKBACK CAMPOUT.  Thanks.  Of course, I can barely get across the campground parking lot to my lounge chair/cot and super comfortable bed.  I was thinking of getting a new sleeping bag.  It would be a double and good down to 15 degrees.  Nice.  I can lay there super warm and look at the full moon at 10,000 feet right over my head.  The Therm-a-Rest DreamTime pad is unbelievable.  It is like being on a feather bed back home.  Any fatigue melts away.

I thank you.

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