[pct-l] ...rescue on the PCT - call or email your best wishes to Bill Roberts

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Tue Sep 6 19:16:58 CDT 2011

I just got back tonite from 17 days of walking in northern Wash, so this is 
news to me. I'll catcht the updates at work tomorrow.  I also saw that Scott 
"Bink" is hiking sobo. He hiked from Mon78 to Harts pass on 8/8, and 
probably beyond.  I took two nites and 3 days walking to do the same...
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> This via my 'grapevine':
> Bill is at Mercy Medical Center in Redding, CA, & will be there 3 to 5 
> days...
> Cracked pelvis, ruptured spleen, several broken ribs, but no mention of 
> broken leg...
> Bill (registered as William Roberts) is in room 276; Mercy phone number is 
> 530-225-6000...
> Peggy is with him and answering his phone currently; Bill sounds very good 
> considering
> what has happened (I said he was 'tough'!)...
> Per Bill everything sounds very good for a full recovery - I'm sure he 
> will be back in the
> saddle soon enough! - you can't keep Bill out of the mountains (or off a 
> horse) very long!!
> Bill perked up even more in talking of past meetings and places in the 
> NorCal mountains...
> If you know Bill at all, give him a call!
> One could email Bill at Mercy, also - but emails are "not delivered on 
> weekends" and might
> be "delayed over holidays", so there's a good chance Bill would be 
> discharged before receiving
> any emails on Tuesday!  See 
> <http://redding.mercy.org/Patients_And_Visitors/052106>...
> Calling might be best IMHO.  Let Peggy & Bill know the PCT community is 
> thinking of them!
> Thank you.  (and thank Bill for all he has done over the years on the 
> PCT!!)
> Happy trails!!!
> Jim (PITA)

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