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Good advice is good advice...regardless of its 'perceived' source.  Whether
it comes from someone who is a victim of police brutality trying to squelch
riots and violence, or whether it comes from some ancient fictional piece
like the Bible, Quaran, Shakespear, or some other book...(Scientology?)

"Can't we all just get along"


Appalachian Trail - Thru Hike
Single Day Max: 38.9 miles
Start/End Dates: 03/03/06 - 07/14/06 (134 days)
Avg. Per Day (incl. zeros): 16.2 miles

John Muir Trail - Thru Hike
2011 (Mt. Whitney, Shadow Lake, Half Dome, Mist Trail)

Pacific Crest Trail - Thru Hike
2011 (CA,OR,WA)
Detours: Fire Station, Yellow Legged Mt. Frog
Alt. Routes: JMT, Buck Lake, Eagle Creek
Single Day Max: 50.2 miles (6:30am - 1:20am)
Avg. Per Day (incl. zeros): 20.1 miles
Start/End Dates: 04/29/11-07/07/11 (132 days)
Tuolumne Meadows - Echo Lake: Solo..."No Flips, No Skips, No Quits!"

"Continuous - Every Step"
On Aug 26, 2011 4:18 PM, "Brian Gill" <pctpanama at aol.com> wrote:
> This can be a very nice forum when everyone isn't bickering. One bicker
ok, two bickers you have a problem and three,, get yourself a life ! .. Lol.
Let the attack begin..,lol . ca, ca, ca, ca, can't we all be friends ? Lol.
"Rodney King". Lol
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> Brian
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