[pct-l] Tarptent seam sealing

James Vesely JVesely at edmsupply.com
Mon Apr 2 08:00:02 CDT 2012

Be careful with silicon the material goes out of date and I have found
that it will not fully set if the expiration date stamped on the side
has passed or even if not passed but close.  

My experience is that hardware stores do not always rotate stock so
check the date stamp.   A good test is to squeeze out a blob and see if
it sets up in a few hours if not throw it out.  Believe me I know from
experience that it is a huge mess if apply it and then find out its bad.


How long does it take for the silicon take to dilute in the pair
thinner. It seems to be taking forever. Don't know if this is just how
it works or what!

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