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Which leads me to ask -- is there a guide or set of Faqs somewhere telling us how to set this up?  I've given some instructions but probably somewhat incomplete and inaccurate to my at home contact.

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On Apr 5, 2012, at 9:29, Ken Murray <kmurray at pol.net> wrote:

> One comment:  hikers who are going to be out have an obligation to make arrangements in case they do not come back.  What I mean is designating someone who is empowered on your behalf to act, then leaving instructions as to what to do.
> For example, in this story, the girlfriend called the FS.  The forest service does not deal with rescues.  It is the sheriff for the county involved who handles this (except in the Nat'l Parks, where they handle them, themselves).
> The designated person should have instructions WHEN to call, WHO to call, with information that will help, such as the route and start and end points.
> And it is CRITICAL, once such a call is made, if you come out, CALL BACK and let them know you are out.  This can save a lot of trouble.
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> I really feel for the burdens of search and rescue , the risks they take, and taxpayers who pay for them.  
> I know little of the details, but am I correct that this hiker was not "lost" as the media reports?  And he wasn't "found," but turned around due to snow, making the safe and rational decision not to hike beyond his abilities.  
> Was this a thru-hiker?  Anyone know?  If he's a thru-hiker it should be expected that only an estimate can be made how long it takes to walk to the next town/phone.  I wonder how long the spouse waited to report he hadn't called home, and how quickly did the agency involved get SAR involved.  
> I once was unable to call at one town stop, forgot to call at the next.  My girlfriend did call the forest service, and he said to wait a little longer.
> Another time I was sick on a weekend hike (got the flu, had no energy, and it was very hot) and got back to the car late on Sunday night and tried to drive home, but was falling asleep driving despite pinching or slapping myself.  I had to pull off and sleep and drive home early Monday.  My girlfriend called the forest service to report I hadn't come home, but they said to wait and see if I turn up on my own (I called home as soon as I was in phone range).   
> I feel real bad about the worry I've caused her, and I'm very luck no SAR was called out both times.  It makes it sound like I'm not a responsible hiker, but things happen.  
> All this is to say I wonder if the search and resue was unnecessarily called in.  A report came out recently about unneccessary medical spending.  Can the same be said of SAR?
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