[pct-l] Judge suspends horse packing in national parks(Sequoia-Kings)

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Here is the website for High Sierra Hikers Association:

People can still bring their own stock into SEKI wilderness-- what is at issue is commercial pack stations that use the wilderness. From my understanding what is in question is if commercial pack station use of the SEKI wilderness is a violation of the Wilderness Act. High Sierra Hikers Association contend that the National Park Service did not show that such commercial use was necessary or proper-- which is a requirement of the Wilderness Act. They also contend that the pack station commercial use of SEKI wilderness is excessive and damaging to the park. 

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1.  What the heck is the "High Sierra Hikers Assn"???

2.  And I thought equine activities were specifically allowed in wilderness 
areas?  Did I miss something?

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> Judge suspends horse packing in national parks
> Says packing in Kings Canyon, Sequoia violates federal law.
> By Marek Warszawski The Fresno Bee Wednesday, Apr. 04, 2012
> Horse packing in Sequoia & Kings Canyon National Parks is on hold
> because a San Francisco judge says the parks are violating the
> federal Wilderness Act.
> The issue percolated for years before exploding last month, leaving
> packers one chance in May to forestall a ban that many say will
> cripple their industry.
> Wednesday, Rep. Devin Nunes stoked the fire by blaming the Obama
> administration for caving to environmentalists and not pushing for a
> compromise.
> Sequoia & Kings Canyon Superintendent Karen Taylor-Goodrich wrote in
> a March 12 letter to 16 pack stations that no permits would be issued
> until the matter is resolved in federal court.
> More than two dozen other businesses that operate within the park are
> also affected. These include back-country trips booked through REI,
> Outward Bound or any other commercial guide services.
> A judge has suspended hosre packing in the Sequoia & Kings Canyon
> National Park until a lawsuit is resolved involving the 3-year-old
> lawsuit between the High Sierra Hikers Association and the National
> Park Service.
> The park's action came as a shock to pack station owners just as
> their phones are starting to ring from customers interested in
> booking summer trips.
> More of this Story --
> http://www.fresnobee.com/2012/04/04/2788652/national-parks-horse-packi
> ng-on.html
> I will post follow ups as this story continues.
> YosemiteJames
> Sierra Foothills

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