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On that Section (D) he could also meet you at the start - he could park near the trail at Cajon Pass. Another place would be at Mill Creek Summit. As long as he is self-contained and does not require hookups for his trailer, this would be OK. And free! At the end of Section D, be sure to stop at the Saufley's in Agua Dulce.
At the various road crossings and trail heads along the PCT, it is not unusual to see hiker support people parked and waiting for their hikers. No charge. 

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That's great Mendorider!  Just the kinda place we had in mind!  Thanks a bunch.  

Todd- Pockets

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>I should add that the road is OK for trailers. I was up there again last summer pulling my horse trailer. 
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>Hi all!  My Dad is attempting to shadow me through most of the California
>portion of the trail (or until he can't afford the diesel anymore- so
>expensive right now!) and we're looking for a cheap place he could park the
>trailer near the trail by Wrightwood.  He has an extra water barrel and
>generator so he doesn't necessarily need hook-ups.  He's also a disabled
>vet so he can get into State Parks for free on the week days and a discount
>at Federal Parks.  Anybody have any idea's suggestions?
>We're near Idyllwild now- I just rode out that storm and am probably gonna
>have to bypass Fuller Ridge.  He's thinking he might skip Big Bear and meet
>me in 10 days or so near Wrightwood.
>Thanks a bunch!
>Todd "Pockets"
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