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Hello Mat
I think that you are real worrier.  It is safer to be alone on the PCT than driving the same number of days on the roads and freeways. 
Snap gave you some good suggestions. Your answer is, definitely, get a SPOT. That will give you and your family and friends peace of mind. 
I suggest that you get Halfmile's maps and a GPS. Put his waypoints on the GPS. There is a waypoint every half-mile for the entire length of the PCT. Also, if you don't already know how to read topo maps and use a compass, I suggest that you learn that. With that knowledge and the GPS, you won't get lost. Just, always, watch where you put place your feet. Be cautious, don't be a risk-taker. 
Bring basic survival things with you. A WHISTLE and a SIGAL MIRROR are important. I usually stealth camped, whenever possible, alone with my horse well off the trail. I enjoyed the solitude. If you are afraid of getting lost in a woodsy area when doing that bring along some bright surveyors tape to mark your route. Always be sure to pick it all up when you return to the trail.
I rode the PCT, solo, with just one horse, I resupplied myself, and had no problems. We both got to Canada without any kind of injury. I will forward to you a slide show of that journey. Last summer I rode south from Sierra City and got as far as Tuoloume Meadows. There was lots of snow and down trees that are fairly easy to get past for the hikers. Very difficult and time-consuming with a horse. This year I plan to ride north from Horseshoe Meadows to Tuoloume M. 
Have a great hike.

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Hey guys,

I have the amazing opportunity to tackle the Sierra section (from Tehachapi
to Chester) over the summer, however it looks like I will be soloing it.
This brings some interesting challenges to the table.

First, I am very apprehensive to have no help if something goes wrong. I'm
sure that if I am on/very close to the trail I should be found relatively
quickly should something go wrong. What worries me is if I go off trail,
say looking for water, then I could be in a world of trouble if I suddenly
have a medical condition or break an ankle. I am well aware of the many
physical / environmental / ect threats in the Sierras, and am confident in
my knowledge, experience, and abilities, however I still have an
understandably nervous apprehension. So my first question is: what is the
PCT communities ideas on the feasibility
 and safety of such a lonesome

Next, I would like to ask for ideas for GPS tracking devices so I can
signal if I am sick / lost / injured. I am familiar with using a SPOT, but
the start-up cost is pretty high, and am aware of satellite phones but that
sounds expensive too. So is there anything that you guys have heard of even
if it can do nothing but allow my family to track where I am?

Last, if there are any other thoughts, concerns, warnings, considerations,
or encouragements that you have for me please let me know, I'm thirsty for

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