[pct-l] littering, graffiti and fires, etc......

Ann Marie dbanmrkr at yahoo.com
Sun Apr 22 20:12:20 CDT 2012

This is not a small issue.

Those of you, hikers or otherwise, who travel with a marker or more to mark boulders or bridges to place selfish markings, or drop beer cans (or soda) to leave for others to pick up behind you, just stop it. You have social obligations as hikers. Hike it in, hike it out. And hike out more of what you brought in if you can (and most of you can....)

It's not amusing or funny what you leave behind for me and my partner to add to our burdens when carrying our own garbage to a legitimate garbage site. 

And if I find you at a spot where hikers are sharing food and drink, I'll do my best to make sure you do NOT participate. Your reputation WILL follow you.

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