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Sir Mixalot atetuna at gmail.com
Wed Jan 11 09:13:31 CST 2012

Yeah, I had wondered what happened to Ned.  I can almost see banning him,
but I can't believe he deleted all his helpful posts too.  It makes me
hesitate to do another journal there because Scott may decide he dislikes
me too, and will delete my journal.

On Wed, Jan 11, 2012 at 1:24 AM, Brick Robbins <brick at brickrobbins.com>wrote:

> See http://postholer.com/forum/viewtopic.php?p=6003#6003
> Postholer wrote:
> ===
> Unfortunately, the pct-l powers that be viewed it as something akin to
> copyright infringement, as they've recently added a "no duplication"
> tag to all emails.
> Postholer.com receives far, far more daily unique visitors than the
> pct-l has subscribers. The forum was an excellent way of keeping a
> larger PCT audience informed, while growing the pct-l itself.
> Obviously, keeping folks informed is not the primary concern of the
> pct-l.
> I have no reservations about giving them exactly what they want.
> -postholer
> ====
> After reading Postholer's comment above about how much more popular
> his site is than PCT-L, I wonder why he even bothers promoting his
> wonderful-best-ever maps (or his trail journals, or anything else)
> here, when he could just promote them on his wonderful-best-ever
> website.
> I won't kick Scott off PCT-L for disagreeing with me, like he kicked
> Ned of postholer.com, but I stand amazed at his attitude and
> arrogance. He is welcome to participate, as long as he is polite.
> Oh, and FWIW, publishing PCT-L content on postholer.com without
> permission, or even asking first, was not "something akin to copyright
> infringement." It WAS clearly copyright infringement. Obviously,
> providing content for postholer.com is not the primary concern of
> PCT-L. At least I don't have to get around to writing the DCMA
> complaint letter, what a relief..... :-)
> I guess it takes all kinds.
> Have a great day everyone.
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