[pct-l] Heavier Sleeping Bag vs Lighter Sleeping Bag and Clothing

John Coyle jcoyle at sanjuan.edu
Thu Jan 12 12:16:21 CST 2012

Good timing on this post because I recently had to make this decision for a short backpack near Clear Lake this coming MLK holiday weekend.  The weather forecast is for a low of 30 degrees.  My options were my warmer 20 degree Sub Kilo bag or my 40 degree  MH bag with extra clothing.  I decided to try the later for the first time since it is a short backpack and the cold can't permanently disfigure me.  I will use a puffy jacket (BPL Cocoon) plus puffy insulated pants (Patagonia) inside a Mountain Hardwear 40 degree bag.  I may get some kind of puffy booties or thick fleece socks at REI before I go.  I have a silk liner, and it has two rips about four inches long that I can repair with duck tape, but I'm not sure if I will take that yet.  I don't think it adds 10 degrees--maybe five. My backpacking friend had a nice 20 degree Western Mountaineering bag that he will be using, and he thinks I'm crazy for bringing such a light bag, but I just want to know if it will work in conjunction with extra clothing.

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