[pct-l] How To Light A Fire Instantly In Snow, Ice, And Wind

gschenk1 at roadrunner.com gschenk1 at roadrunner.com
Thu Jan 19 08:00:29 CST 2012

---- Edward Anderson <mendoridered at yahoo.com> wrote: 
>  In a real emergency, if you are injured and alone - and it is very cold, being able to make a fire can be what saves your life.
There are few places in Southern California where I would risk making an open fire. That's why I am concerned about the trend among UL hikers to use super light weight soda can - alcohol stoves. You can't turn the flame off if there is a sudden gust of wind. The stove itself can be blown away while burning.
I realize that there are hikers who are experienced and use them responsibly. I am more concerned when inexperienced hikers use them - wildfires have resulted.

True. I also worry about the recent proliferation of fire rings in areas where only a PCT hiker would be traveling. I saw many last year in Section B.


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