[pct-l] Rain Cape

Carl Umland olhiker2 at gmail.com
Sat Jan 28 15:14:55 CST 2012

 I've used an Integral Designs Rain Cape that covers most of my backpack
and a "Brawny designed Poncho Villa" they are my favorite type of rain
gear. However I now use the Z-Packs Poncho/groundcloth. I like the dual
purpose aspect of it which lightens up my overall base weight. I am also in
contact with Joe at Z-Packs about adapting his Cloudkilt Rain Skirt to
attach to the Poncho/Groundcloth making them into a bivy.
 The prices of the Cuben products are high but "you get what you pay for"
and I got tired of making do with less as far as groundcloths are concerned.
 I hope this helps.
Carl aka Mulestomper

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