[pct-l] Re-supply Assistance for 2013

Joe Barbera barberaj at tds.net
Mon Jul 16 19:17:12 CDT 2012

Responding to The Aimless Rambler and any other 2013 thru-to-be.  I am a
current thru - mile 1235.  Also a Type 1 diabetic, and that requires a
complex resupply system.  It occurs to me that resupply assistance is one
need that is not currently being met.  I've had plenty of time to think on
the trail, so I've worked up  a plan for a home business.  I think this
would be a viable business opportunity, targeting the Out of Country
visitors, people with special diet requirements not easily met in trail
towns, those who requires constant medical supplies (such as diabetics) and
the just plan lazy. 


If I could get 10 people to sign up, it would be cost effective to buy
supplies at Costco, in bulk on-line, etc.  Even with shipping it would
probably be cheaper than shopping in many trail towns.  Probably not enough
to volume to finance a real business, but enough to fund a first year start
up experience.


If any 2013 hikers are interested, you can contact me directly via
barberaj at tds.net



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