[pct-l] car break in at Soda Creek Section P

Peggy Rice msrice27 at gmail.com
Fri Jul 20 09:59:55 CDT 2012

A friend and I have hiked section P (Etna to Castle Crags) this week
(July 13-20) southbound. Quick report:  no snow on the trail, water in
all the places on Halfmile's maps, but not always where the Databook
says it will be.  Thank you EnviroPyro and Pebbles for the trail
magic, and it was great to meet quite a few through hikers.  We were
feeling great until we got back to my car, which was parked at the I-5
Soda Creek exit, at the southern end of section P.

My car was broken into (and so was an adjoining car, judging by the
glass in the parking lot), and a lot of gear was stolen.  We then went
to Redding to replace gear (I'm going to flip and solo hike Oregon),
and by coincidence, I saw someone, in broad daylight, steal a backpack
from a locked car in the hotel parking lot (I couldn't catch him).  My
warning is:  backpacks are very attractive to thieves - don't leave
them in your car.  Don't park at that I-5 area, either.

If any of you notice stuff for sale cheap, I'd appreciate any leads.
I lost two GoLite packs, a GoLite sleeping bag, brand new Evernew
titatium 0.9 L pot, a Black Diamond one person tent, Marmot Precip
jacket (women's M, blue), ExOfficio pants and shirt and a bunch of
other stuff (Esbit tabs being perhaps the most unusual).  It makes me
angry that the theives won't care at all about my gear - I'm sure they
were looking for electronics, money and jewelry - they didn't get
anythng like that.

I'm nearly back to normal and headed to Oregon.  Hope to see many of
you on the trail!


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