[pct-l] Three questions to the list for 2012

Sean Nordeen sean.nordeen at gmail.com
Wed Mar 7 11:13:35 CST 2012

Here are my thoughts to your questions:

1.  I just used the largest priority mail box the post office had.  I
reused it a couple of times until I found a replacement box in another post
office.  I stored a roll of packig tape inside.  Never had a problem with
the box falling apart.

2. I finished the trail with a woman who had sent a box via UPS.  UPS was
unable to deliever to the lodge and eventually, a few weeks latter,
returned the package to her home.   Personally, I don't think its worth
it.  You can buy a touristy T-Shirt in the small store there or buy some
nicer clothes when you arrive in Vancouver.  I didn't think they were
needed.  I had switched out my hiking clothes when I entered Washington
since it was after labor day and I wanted a long sleeve shirt and long
pants.  Washington wasn't as dirty as California so they still looked nice
when I finished.  The laundry at Manning Park Lodge was good enough to
clean them up for the trip home.

3. If you are going to the ADZPCTKO, you can get one there.  If you are
having a trail angel pick you up in San Diego, they probably could help you.


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