[pct-l] Ice Axe and Crampons

Jim & Jane Moody moodyjj at comcast.net
Tue May 1 12:47:26 CDT 2012


In a ty pical year and with a typical mid- to late-April start, an ice axe and traction devices (e.g., Kahtoolas) are useful above Idyllwild - Apache Peak, S outh Peak, Tauquitz Peak, F uller Ridge, etc. .  After that, most people sent them home or ahead to Kennedy Meadows or Lone Pine (getting out at Horsehoe Meadows), to have them available through the Sierra.  Depending on snow level, the winter gear is usually sent home at Sonora Pass or Echo Pass.  YMMV. 


>Hi there, 
>I was curious when people, if need be, send themselves an ice axe or 
>crampons along the trail and if they are typically carried to Canada or at 
>what point on the trail doe's one no longer rely on those items? Thanks 

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