[pct-l] Snow Impasses ?

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Thu May 3 23:42:21 CDT 2012

All really good advice and information. Thank you everyone for your contributions. Although very
helpful, your answers have, also, led to a whole new set of questions. 

One, I created a spreadsheet for my resupply points, and realized that no matter what my daily
mileage is I don't need to resupply at VVR or Reds Meadow road (whatever that is?). My
question is, can I resupply at tuolumne meadows, muir trail ranch, echo lake, and lone pine year
round? Or are these locations seasonal? 

Two, i know this is variable and contingent upon each individual season, but how long does the
Sierra's water system stay swollen? It seems that if you trek the sierras from may-june, you face
a greater volume of water at each crossing compared to any other time of the year. Is this

Three, is it unheard of for someone to navigate snowy conditions using solely half mile's maps
without Any other forms of assistance? It seems like many people use a system of buying a GPS,
following other's foot prints, and/or following a person who does have a GPS. So those who have
have hiked in the snowy sections using these methods, do you think it would be possible for YOU
to do the same only using half miles maps. I'm moderately experienced in using topo maps, but
never in very snowy conditions.

Thanks again,


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