[pct-l] Maps

Ed Jarrett edjarrett at msn.com
Fri May 4 21:23:48 CDT 2012

I plan on doing the southern 2/3's of Oregon plus a section in Washington this August.  The last couple of years I have used the 
halfmile  maps but am thinking about using the USFS maps this season.  While I like the detail of halfmile, they are a bit hard for me to read (old eyes) while the USFS maps are much easier.  They don't have near as much detail, but do show a greater portion of the trail on a single page.  But is seems like as a SOBO section hiker in August the need for a high level of detail is not nearly as great.  Any thoughts?  I also looked at Eric the Black and Postholer maps but am not overly fond of either one.
Ed Jarretthttp://aclayjar.blogspot.com/


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