[pct-l] potential new water source south of snow creek faucet

Weathercarrot - weathercarrot at hotmail.com
Fri May 11 17:26:09 CDT 2012

This is directed to Half Mile, Yogi, AsABat, Postholer, as well as everyone hiking northbound from Fuller Ridge.

I wanted to mention a possibly previously unreported water source in the northern portion of section B.  At mile 193.6 in the data book (might be slightly different on Half Mile's map) labeled "Narrow gap".  You know you've gone too far when you pass through the gap and very shortly enter the burn area - the character of the landscape changes abruptly.  Just as the trail is curving left to enter the gap, turn right and walk cross-country down the slope through fairly open living (not burned) pine forest to a dirt road, or a junction of two roads, one of which you've already spotted during the northbound descent into here.  Cross the road (appearing to be unused for quite a while with plants growing on it)) and proceed to the bottom of the bowl/ravine/drainage and you will find a healthy flowing creek that seems to drain the north slope of Fuller Ridge.  As of the evening of May 7th (4 days ago), it was around 2-5 feet wide it showed no sign of being on it's last legs.  I'm guessing that the total distance off the trail is under 200 yards - possible 150. 

There is ample and beautiful camping nearby. 

I would say that this could potentially be a reliable water source during the month of May in an average year or wet spring year, or whenever there's any snow at all left on Fuller Ridge.  It would break up the long water carry between the Deer Springs area and the Snow Creek faucet, being a great benefit to many hikers.  I'm actually a bit surprised I haven't seen this source listed before, unless I missed something.  If several different hikers over the course of the next month or two could check out this source and give a report on the state of it's flow, we could get a more clear picture of how reliable it is during this time of year.  It may dry out by June in a typical year, but it looks to me that it would be a really good source for most northbounders.



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