[pct-l] potential new water source south of snow creek faucet

Scott public at postholer.com
Fri May 11 18:06:54 CDT 2012

Thanks for the info!

Here's the google map location (or very close to it) that you refer to:

The WGS84, decimal degree location is:
33.853275 -116.723514

I've updated the 'Narrow Gap' way point on the map to indicate 'possible 
water 1,000 feet south'

In the postholer data book 'Narrow Gap' is at 193.3 miles.

Being that this drainage has its head at Fuller Ridge TH, filtering may 
be a good idea. Cars, parking, oil, etc.

Thanks dude!

I wanted to mention a possibly previously unreported water source in the 
northern portion of section B.  At mile 193.6 in the data book (might be 
slightly different on Half Mile's map) labeled "Narrow gap".  You know 
you've gone too far when you pass through the gap and very shortly enter 
the burn area - the character of the landscape changes abruptly.  Just 
as the trail is curving left to enter the gap, turn right and walk 
cross-country down the slope through fairly open living (not burned) 
pine forest to a dirt road, or a junction of two roads, one of which 
you've already spotted during the northbound descent into here.  Cross 
the road (appearing to be unused for quite a while with plants growing 
on it)) and proceed to the bottom of the bowl/ravine/drainage and you 
will find a healthy flowing creek that seems to drain the north slope of 
Fuller Ridge.  As of the evening of May 7th (4 days ago), it was around 
2-5 feet wide it showed no sign of being on it's last legs.  I'm 
guessing that the total distance off the trail is under 200 yards - 
possible 150.

There is ample and beautiful camping nearby.


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