[pct-l] potential new water source south of snow creek faucet

Weathercarrot - weathercarrot at hotmail.com
Sat May 12 07:35:53 CDT 2012

hi - 

Thanks for including the info. However, 1000 feet is definitely farther than the actual distance.  Looking at your map, 
the trail looks to be too far from the water than it actually is. Also, while filtering may be a good idea, the roads there
show no sign of any remotely recent usage.  thanks again,


postholer writes:
Thanks for the info!
Here's the google map location (or very close to it) that you refer to:

The WGS84, decimal degree location is:
33.853275 -116.723514

I've updated the 'Narrow Gap' way point on the map to indicate 'possible 
water 1,000 feet south'

In the postholer data book 'Narrow Gap' is at 193.3 miles.

Being that this drainage has its head at Fuller Ridge TH, filtering may 
be a good idea. Cars, parking, oil, etc.

Thanks dude!

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