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Scott "Squatch" Herriott yetifan7 at gmail.com
Sun May 13 09:09:26 CDT 2012

Awesome project, Jackass.  Wolverines!!!


On Sun, May 13, 2012 at 1:28 AM, Jason M. <jmmoores1 at gmail.com> wrote:

> The ravens in Green Valley begin their squabbling early and by 6:30 the oak
> tree above the Lunatic Lounge was a war zone. I peeled my stinkin tired
> butt off the futon, shuffled to the kitchen and hit the brew button on
> Momma T's coffee maker.
> Steve Climber was roused by the smell of the fresh perk and began grumbling
> his way through a "ga mornin', wha time's it?"
> "Time ta get rollin..."
> We whipped up poached eggs and pancakes for breakfast and hit the road fer
> Agua Dulce to help L-Rod set up the tents and cots. Driving Virgo's car
> along the serpentine canyon roads from Green Valley proved a challenge
> until my fourth cup of coffee kicked in; and it was smooth travels from
> there. We arrived at mid day and took a moment to check out that sexy new
> washing machine that y'all donated money for. Built to last and ready to
> roll. It was only fitting to have waited to do our laundry until arriving
> at L-Rod's.
> Time fer the tents: Sugar Momma lent a hand for six hours as well as MeToo
> & Jellybean's Granny. With their help we were able to get them all up in
> one shot - which puts us ahead of schedual. A big HikerTrash hug goes out
> to all of the hikers who lent a hand today, Hiker Heaven's bout ready fer
> the herd.
> Climber and I will roll back to the Casa tomorrow to do some tree trimming
> and yard work as well as possibly setting up a cook tent and port-a-pots if
> we're able to raise the money for it. We will be leaving for Old Station
> early in the week and will be to FireFly's house in time to host a one week
> work party sponsored by The Wolverines. If you can make it to Old Station
> to lend support, I'll do the cookin and Climber will find ya a project that
> you can wrap yer hands around. We have commitments from a few hikers and
> family members but we could sure use a few more bodies on the ground to
> make an impact before FireFly flashes home to her Hideaway.
> Jackass
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