[pct-l] Ride to Kennedy meadows June 2nd?

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She can fly or take Amtrak to Reno.  From there she can take the Eastern
Sierra Transit bus south to Lone Pine.  The bus goes all the way to
Inyokern, so she might be able to get dropped off at the road to Kennedy
Meadows.  She would still have to get up to KM from there.  Another option
would be to get off at Lone Pine and hitch up to Horseshoe Meadows and meet
you at Cottonwood Pass.


Good Luck

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Hi all!  My girlfriend will be joining me for the Sierran section of my
thru-hike, and is hoping to meet up with me at Kennedy Meadows when I
arrive, around Saturday June 2nd.  

What options are there for getting to Kennedy Meadows?  My girlfriend will
be coming from San Francisco, but would be happy to fly into an LA-area
airport If that can link up with a public transit option, ride angel, or
combination of the above.

If you know of anyone we should talk to about rides, send me an email or
voicemail- I'd appreciate it!

Eric Munsing
Northbound, near mile 295
+1 781 492 0614

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