[pct-l] PCT 2012 Unsupported Speed Attempt - Update

Ryan Weidert ryan.weidert at gmail.com
Tue May 15 23:44:26 CDT 2012

Hi All,
     I would like to update the departure date for my solo PCT "self
supported" speed record attempt first posted on April 16th
I will be leaving the southern terminus at the Mexican border on May
25th, at 6:00am if everything goes to plan. During the attempt I will
have a friend relay and post updates I send to him while on trail. I
should be able to send a photo of my start via cell phone and have him
post a link. Updates will be brief and intermittent, most likely more
numerous in southern California. I'll post my current distance I've
traveled and the coordinates of the last place I spent the night and a
brief note. If all goes well, I should arrive at the Canadian border
in late July! All my previously mentioned intentions remain the same.
If anyone would like to be an 'independent witness' at the start,
email me off list. Thanks!

Tuna "Ryan Weidert" Helper

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