[pct-l] potential new water source south of snow creek faucet - better directions

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Thu May 17 14:09:09 CDT 2012

I got another report on it this week and added it to my report yesterday, with a caution about going downstream. Yes, the upper area is rather mellow, but rolling hills can mislead and the temptation to cut downstream could lead to a situation like John Donovan found himself in. I've read many climbers reports in that area and they show dropoffs cliffs and waterfalls. But my recent short report said finding the water was easy. If only the gorillas could develop a more or less formal route to it. 

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Weathercarrot - <weathercarrot at hotmail.com> wrote:

Here are more specific/better directions to the water source, repeating some of what I wrote before, with additions...
At mile 193.6 in the data book (slightly different on Half Mile's map and Postholer's info) labeled "Narrow gap".  You know you've 
gone too far when you pass through the gap and very shortly enter the burn area - the character of the landscape changes abruptly.
Just as the trail is curving left to enter the gap, turn right and walk cross-country down the slope through fairly open living (not burned) pine forest. A very short distance from the trail you'll drop into a small dry ravine. Go up the embankment on the other side to the
old road bed. Turn left and follow the road another short distance down to the bottom of the drainage - you'll leave the road as it bears
left. There will be a clearing on the right and a stream in the woods straight ahead.  Total duration off the PCT - just a few minutes.
The creek drains a portion of the north slope of Fuller Ridge.  As of the evening of May 7th it was around 2-5 feet wide it showed no
sign of being on it's last legs. I would say that this could potentially be a reliable water source during the month of May in an average
year or wet spring year, or whenever there's any snow patches at all left on Fuller Ridge.
Lots of camping in the vicinity.
The topography between the trail and the stream is very mellow.  If you find yourself in very steep/sketchy terrain, you're in the
wrong area.
I'm very interested to hear about the state of the flow over the next several weeks and at which point it becomes dry.  Thanks,
AsABat writes:

I've heard of this and I think another location on the same creek several miles down stream. I'd hate to add this unless the route

to it becomes developed. I don't want to suggest off trail travel in that area for fear of someone getting lost as that country gets

very rugged heading downstream. But it would interesting to see how this turns out.




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