[pct-l] picture of n. side of Forester Pass 2 weeks ago

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If you don't know people with these skills, then the best place to learn, IMO, is the Cascades. The Pacific Northwest people know snow. Take a four day mountaineering course from any of the guides services up there and you'll be more than qualified for what you'll find on the PCT.

And it might open up another world for you.


---- Catherine Ford <ceford.nhighlands at gmail.com> wrote: 
> Hi Ken!
> I'm a newbie hiker/backpacker. How/where does one learn how to
> "self-arrest" with an ice axe? I don't usually like going to the snow, but
> I'd like to thru-hike the PCT at some point down the road and am trying to
> figure out what I don't know and how to learn it. I appreciate any info you
> can provide me.
> Have a Great Day!
> Cathy!
> Catherine E. Ford
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> why."
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> This thread contains a great pic of the north side of Forester.  That is a
> lot of snow.
> http://www.whitneyzone.com/wz/ubbthreads.php/ubb/showflat/Number/23881/gonew/1/Low_Snow_Year#UNREAD
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