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Last year I used Brooks Addictions with green Superfeet from the border to Trail Pass . No blisters,, nothing, except dirty feet. Plan to use them this year starting at KM (south ) for two months hiking.      I' m 66.
Bigfoot Jim

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This question is for senior hikers.  I’ve seen lots of positive comments about Brooks Cascadia trail running shoes.  I’m wondering if anyone aged 55+ has used Brooks or similar trail runners to hike the PCT.  Of course, we older hikers have lost a lot of the natural cushioning in the soles of our feet.  
Question 1: Would these shoes work for us older hikers, or are our soles likely to get too bruised due to not enough cushioning? 
Question 2:  Wouldn’t such breathable shoes let in a lot of dirt?  Wouldn’t that contribute to blisters?  (My feet truly don’t sweat, so moisture buildup isn’t an issue for me.)
Thanks for your ideas!
Carolyn AKA "SoleDoctor"  
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