[pct-l] Water Sources (Rte 94 in Campo) to Lake Moreno Drive

Eric Lee saintgimp at hotmail.com
Thu May 24 11:30:00 CDT 2012

Steel-eye wrote:
>From the standpoint of weight management the ideal is to begin well hydrated
and arrive - wherever - empty and thirsty.

That's very true, and if you do a lot of long-distance hiking you'll get
really good at doing exactly that, but it takes practice and a finely-tuned
sense of how your body works under various conditions.  If you don't already
have that kind of experience then you probably want to err on the side of
caution just a bit.

The weather report, if I read it right, is calling for a high of 64 degrees
and 20% chance of rain on Saturday when you'll be hiking.  I would expect
that four liters ought to be plenty for 18 miles under those conditions
unless you're out of shape.


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