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David Shipp davidanthonyshipp at gmail.com
Wed May 23 22:34:19 CDT 2012

Good evening everyone.

I have to be honest... I'm a bit nervous of posting here in the chance that
the elitist Oct hiker trash will not like the way I cross my t's, and in
turn, eat me alive. (For you sticklers, I'm kidding) (here's a smiley face
to make it all better)


I'll be landing jn san Diego on Friday, (well, braking ) I've researched
the public transportation, but I'm wondering if there are any opportunities
to make a friend or two on my way to the trailhead. If anyone is heading to
the rrailhead Friday or Saturday, I would love to tag along. I left my
Gucci luggage at home, so i won't take up much space.

Hooray for hiking.

Davey Savage.

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