[pct-l] Sleeping bag help, please

Edward Anderson mendoridered at yahoo.com
Mon May 28 08:30:28 CDT 2012

Hello Kit,
Be cautious about overkill. Don't get too warm a bag. I didn't find that Section to be cold when I passed through in mid July. When will you be there?  Definately switch to a down bag. It depends if you will be sleeping in a tent - definately warmer, especially for two people.
I also tend to sleep cold, but I found that there were times on the PCT when my 20 degree bag was too warm. I brought a Cocoon SILK liner and would not be without it. Here are the advantages: It keeps the inside of your bag clean - it is very easy to wash and dries quickly on the trail. It only weighs 4.9 ounces and packs down to 7.75" x 5.6" x 1". It was important to me in that it ADDS 9.5 degrees F to the sleeping bag warmth. On a cold night, I appreciated that extra warmth. On a warm night I could sleep on top of the sleeping bag and use just the liner, as it got cooler during the night I could use just the sleeping bag zipped open at first. This gave me greater flexibility as I was able to adjust to whatever the temperature was. That liner measures 95" x 35" and tapers down to 22".
Have a good hike.

 From: Kit Hepburn <nottheactress at gmail.com>
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Subject: [pct-l] Sleeping bag help, please

I am planning to join my thru-hiking boyfriend for a couple of weeks in
Northern California, hopefully the section that passes through Mount Lassen
National Park.

I'm totally undecided as to what I will need for a sleeping bag.  I tend to
sleep cold, and last weekend when camping in Keno, Yukon, I was miserable
in my current synthetic bag that is rated to 32F.  I think the temperature
was close to freezing that night (I was close to freezing, at any rate).  I
am contemplating investing in a good down bag that would be more suitable
to average Yukon conditions but also useful for my PCT section hike--maybe
a 15 F (-10 C) bag.  Would something like this be total overkill for
Northern California in July, or just right for a cold sleeper?

Please weigh in!  I really enjoy reading all the pctl emails, and am very
excited to get to experience a section of the trail.  Any advice will be
greatly appreciated.


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