[pct-l] Russian Wilderness and Marble Mountain Wilderness

-Mountain Goat- themtgoat at yahoo.com
Wed May 30 02:35:32 CDT 2012

Over the weekend, I attempted a point to point hike Through both the Russian Wilderness,and the Marble Mountain Wilderness.

Although I did make it through the Russian Wilderness, the snow on the trail was close to
a roller coaster, starting at 6,800' or so. The snow had 6' depth at spots. I suggest 3 

weeks before the majority of the snow clears the trail. There is 1 spot, that forced me off 
trail, and up the mountain 100' to bypass a snow hazard. You could use an ice ax to dig 
steps, or crampons, otherwise, I suggest avoiding doing this section for 3 weeks.

Marble Mountain Wilderness - Snow a little deeper at 8' on the shady side of the 
mountain at about 7000'. There is a snow hazard at 3 miles in from Etna Summit, which I 
bypassed by going on the Sunny side of the Mountain. 

At mile 13 from Etna Summit, I ran into snow conditions which were too steep and slick
without additional snow gear. The elevation was about 7,200', and would have gone up 
to 7,500'. At this point I turned around. Again, I suggest about 3 weeks (or more) of warm 
weather before you go through these Wildernesses. 

-Mountain Goat- 
PCT 2005

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