[pct-l] Forest service reconsidering mountain bikes?

Susan Alcorn backpack45 at yahoo.com
Mon Oct 8 12:49:25 CDT 2012

I looked at the site that had arguments for allowing mountain bikes and had 
these thoughts:  Anyone saying that the impact of bikes and horses would be 
similar is poorly informed and incorrect. Yes, both do damage--as do hikers--but 
there are potentially many more mountain bike riders than there are 
equestrians.  Secondly, horses travel at a much slower speed than do most 
bicyclists; they don't come around corners unexpectedly with the potential of 
running you down. For the record, I don't hate either mountain bikes (or horses) 
and I don't see why bike-riders assume anyone hates them just because someone 
sees flaws in their arguments. 

I also assume that most hikers (in particular long-distance hikers) want a 
wilderness experience away from the hustle and bustle of city life. I assume 
that some mountain bikers are also interested in their surroundings, but that in 
large part they want the thrills of new trails where they can zip along 
navigating around the challenging terrain. There is no way that these two uses 
are compatible on the PCT.    

Where do we file our protests?
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