[pct-l] Bikes and Horses

Clifford McDonald clifmcdon at comcast.net
Fri Oct 19 15:52:37 CDT 2012

Modern cities have long had pedestrian ways (sidewalks), and road ways for
faster modes of traffic (vehicles which sometimes include bikes.) In no
place I've ever been in this entire world has it been acceptable for bikers
to ride on sidewalks (maybe with the exception of small children.) In recent
years cities and states have established bicycle paths along some vehicle
roadways to protect you the slower biker from having to compete with traffic
moving at high rates of speed. And to protect us walkers from having to
compete with bikers on pedestrian right of ways where we walkers travel at
much slower speeds. 

Many bikers believe their rights infringed upon by laws that prohibit their
use of Interstate Highways ( some people do need to be protected from
themselves.) And in the case of these laws, it is not only meant to protect
the idiot riding their bicycle on an interstate, but it also protects
someone who may accidentally hit someone riding a bicycle. 

To all you bicycle riders whining about such laws and complaining that their
'freedoms' are being infringed upon - what about those of us who are walking
on the trails which were created for us and have to fear you racing out of
control down the trail? We hikers have rights to not have to worry about
bikers on the trail.

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